Thursday, February 18, 2016

Does Your Website Suck? Ask Yourself Why First (Part 1)

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Part 1 Why?

Part 1 WHY Do You Want a Website?

Have you ever visited a website for a specific purpose only to have no idea where to look or click for the information you were seeking? Have you ever quickly clicked the back arrow on your browser in order to try the next link down in hopes that the next website will be more straightforward? Unfortunately, these are much too often actions for online information seekers.

This is why it is paramount to consider the basic 5 W’s before you even consider development of a website for your business or service, you know like you learned in elementary school, way back when. You must be crystal clear about the reason WHY. You’d be surprised how many websites are live on the Internet today that clearly do not know WHY they exist! They think they know WHY, they are probably pretending to know WHY, but their creators clearly did not ponder this important question: WHY should this website be created?

Just take the issue down to the nitty gritty:
·        WHY do you want a website?
·        Is it because every business no matter how big or small should have one?
·        Just having a website in general is “good enough”?

WRONG, you need to go a little deeper than that to be effective. The WHY doesn’t have to be long or even detailed. In fact, the simpler, more pin pointed your WHY is for your website, the stronger the foundation will be for your website.

Most Helpful Question

Why would someone go to my website?

That’s the only WHY you should consider. In order to narrow it down, you can ask yourself the following questions to make sure your WHY is specific and clear:

·        Is it to find your contact information in order to inquire about your services?
·        Is it to buy a product from your company?
·        Is it to see samples or your work and/or services?
·        Is it to view your online postings/content?
·        Is it to locate your brick and mortar store?
·        Is it to network with you and/or your business?
·        Is it to view your calendar or events?
·        Is it to sign up for your services/newsletter?

Remember, your website is created not for you, but for those who you want to visit it, so the WHY is crucial and must be the 1st step in the process.

This is part 1 of a 6-part series about the 5 w’s and 1 h for website design/redesign.

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