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Why the AVExperience is Exceptional in Spain

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AVE Train in Spain Runs Fast Along the Plain

AVExperience Offers Affordable Transportation 

I love traveling by train. It is so comfortable and I can easily sit with my family and friends. I can get up and stretch when I want to and there is always a dining or snack car available. In addition, I can take in the wonderful countryside and relax.

When I travel to Spain sometime in the next couple of years, I am going to look forward to the AVExperience. What is the AVExperience you might ask? It is Spain’s network of high-speed trains, coupled with a hotel reservation system, discount on cultural visits and the ability to see Spain’s tourist destinations in no time!

In addition to all of this, as meeting professionals conducting site visits in Spain, you can add an extra day or two and see more of this wonderful country!


Where do you go for the AVExperience?

I would suggest the first place you go is to their website.

Next, choose the location you wish to go to from the city you are in. You will have 19 cities in Spain to choose from.  Then you will need to determine your leave and return dates. If you are staying overnight, you will need to indicate how many bedrooms you need and how many adults and children are traveling in your party.

From there, you will search for what options are available and you can filter from there to include hotels, apartments or bed & breakfasts. It will give you the star rating of the venue along with the train schedule coming and going.

There is a tab for the train schedule options as well. You do not have to book accommodations if you are just going for the day and that can easily be booked through the Renfe Spain Pass which can be secured six months in advance and has great discounts on various cultural attractions. 

At this point you can book online your accommodations and train ticket and/or start your search over again.


What is the Network of Cities AVE?

The AVE Cities Network is the association of tourist destinations in Spain connected by high-speed trains with the aim of promoting all 20 cities under a common strategy. The goal for Spain is to promote their tourism products of the AVExperience and Spain Pass in order to have more individuals travel to the 20 cities in the network.

TheNetwork of Cities AVE presents 20 destinations together so you can enjoy the cultural diversity of Spain in a flexible offering that allows you to customize every trip.

How can the Tourist Office of Spain - Chicago Help?

The Tourist Office of Spain – Chicago is located in the heart of Chicago and their educated and experienced staff is available to help make your meeting in Spain very successful! Contact them at 312.642.1992 to get the process started!

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