Tuesday, April 28, 2015

El Greco and Toledo Spain Have A Lot To Offer Travelers

When most Americans think of Spain, they immediately turn their thoughts toward Madrid or Barcelona. But there is another city of distinction in Spain, called Toledo that was made famous by Spanish Artist, El Greco

This blog will highlight information about El Greco, the region of Toledo and the Spanish celebration that spans from February 18 through December 9, called El Greco 2014

Domenikos Theotokopoulos or "El Greco" as the Spanish called him  (1541-1614) was probably one of the most well-known artists of his time. He was considered a painter of the spirit and because of that he was very influential and set the groundwork for many to follow. He lived during the time of the Spanish Renaissance. 
However only in Toledo, where he received two major commissions, did El Greco meet with the success an artist of his caliber might have expected. It was here where El Greco immortalized one of the most celebrated landscapes in Western art, found a sympathetic circle of intellectual friends and forged a highly profitable career. 
In total, El Greco produced over 600 pieces of art, primarily oil paintings and abstract paintings, in his lifetime and became the icon of the city's identity.  

Toledo is a 90-square mile region in central Spain that sits about 1,800 feet above the Tagus River. Approximately 70 km south of Madrid it is only 30 minutes away via a high-speed train. It is home to approximately 90,000 persons. 

Toledo has several attractions including historic synagogues, mosques and churches -- a testament to the Spanish city's diverse history. The four towers of The Alcazar, a fortress built in 1085, dominate the skyline. 
Toledo and its surrounding countryside inspired El Greco, and his paintings are on display in many places around the city, including the Museo Del Greco

Because this is the 400-year anniversary of El Greco's death, this city-wide project will be a most special year to celebrate his works. In addition to Toledo, his works will be displayed in over 30 different places in Spain. 

There will be six major exhibitions showing his work starting February 18th and ending December 9th of this year. All will be in Toledo unless otherwise indicated:

Plan your trip to Toledo in 2014 and come and learn more about the legendary El Greco! 

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