Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Many Ways Building Business Relationships is Like Online Dating


If you are like me, you or someone you know is divorced, widowed or never been married. At sometime during their dating experience, they have (and certainly I have) dabbled in the "online experience". However, most of my friends are sorely disappointed in the results. Why? Because to give you the unvarnished truth...people lie!

How does this correlate with building business relationships? You might be surprised....let's take a peek, shall we? 

Little White Lies

When you misrepresent your age, weight, job and education, you are creating mistrust right from the start. Here are two quick stories: 

I have a friend that recently took out a woman who said she was college educated. When they sat down to dinner, he asked her what college she attended. She said, "Oh I never went to college, but I want to date college educated men so I put that on my profile." 

Another friend went to pick up his date at her home. When she came to the door, she was about 125 pounds heavier than her photo. 

What is the Impact? 

You know this...little white lies (or outright lies) lead to mistrust. Neither one of those ladies was able to recover or explain away their lies. 

What about you? Are you promising things your company cannot deliver? Misrepresenting your product line or yourself? 

Anytime there is conflict in your message, whether it be online, on the phone or in person, you create mistrust. You can't recover. 

You Need to be Able to Communicate Well on All Levels

I have dated men who seemed very interesting via email communication and on the phone, but when it came to the face-to-face encounter they could not carry on an interesting conversation. In addition, I have received email messages from men who communicate like they are texting or ignore the spell check option on the system. This spells one thing: L-A-Z-I-N-E-S-S. 

In business, is it important to communicate well on all levels: email, texting, on the phone and in person. If you lack skills in one or more of these areas, work toward a professional polished image in 2015. 

Don't Make It All About You

It still amazes me the number of men I have gone out with that do all the talking on our first date. They tell me all about their ex, their children, their work, their lot in life and it drones on. Very few of them ask about me - or if they do it is almost an afterthought. 

In business, you need to ask good, qualifying questions. And then you need to shut up and listen. This is true of relationships as well. You don't want to spend time with someone who you are not compatible with; either personally or professionally. If you don't have what a client needs or wants, move on. But the only way you are going to know this is if you ask good questions. 

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Yes, I have tried all the online dating sites as well...(sigh)...with no success.