Friday, June 20, 2014

Starting up at a Start Up

Classroom preparation only prepares you so much for work place tasks with very little discussion about the intangible skills that make people successful. Much of the education I have received this far has been mainly content driven with the basic applications incorporated in some of the class where the teacher actually knew how to apply their masters degree, or PhD. Working at Mulligan Management Group has allowed me to integrate the knowledge I have acquired by being able to put into practice many of the definitions and techniques I have learned. There are 3 main areas that relate most to my education, and what I am obtaining more insight into. 

Market Research
Research is more than just typing something into Google and  seeing what pops of on the first page. Its about knowing what exact words to use to help narrow down sometimes broad searches, and where to dive a little deeper to find valuable content. Once finding something of significance its about understanding what you have just taken in to make an analysis. I practice this approach everyday on the job. This is something I continually get better through repetition and fine tuning my techniques. 

Building Brand Awareness
One of the daily tasks I am assigned is obviously to do research, so I get to see the full spectrum of how a company, or brand is  portrayed. Consumers only know what they know as cliché  as that sounds, and if your a small business chances are they have never heard of you before. What Mulligan Management Group has been teaching me is how to promote your business in the correct manner through social media channels to accurately illustrate the values of your company.
The Art of the Deal
No matter what industry your in everyone is going to be selling something which is the reason why I am going to school for it. When approaching a deal it should never be about trying to get the best scenario for your own interest. Its about finding the middle ground where it is a win win for everyone. Mulligan Management Group highlights this and has there own style to approaching a deal, and I have mine. Getting to see the process in action is extremely valuable and a tremendous learning experience.

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