Sunday, July 17, 2011

Think You Know that Meeting Space? You don't know jack!

Today, I went to Wildwater Kingdom in Aurora, Ohio...I thought for the umpteenth time in the 20 years I have lived in this area.  The first many times I went it was Geauga Lake, an old but inexpensive amusement park. Then, in the early 2000s, it was acquired by Six Flags and they tried to expand the park and make the water park a little bigger and different. I decided it buy season tickets for the family because my boys were small then and I thought they would enjoy the rides and water park area.

Boy was I disappointed. The parking lot was full of broken glass and beer cans when we would arrive early at the park some mornings. The clientele looked scary with long hair, multiple piercings, and ragged clothing. I was so glad when that pass expired and I really never gave the park another thought...until today.

Friends of mine came into town from Detroit and they convinced me to join them at Wildwater Kingdom today and am I glad I did. First, Cedar Fair (owners of Cedar Point) now own the park and the first thing they did is move it to the old Sea World location. Second, it is very clean and professionally run. Third, they added great water attractions and cleaned up all the park areas. For $25, it was well worth the admission price. Fun and cool...especially in the 95 degree heat.

So here is my message to meeting think you know a certain property, city, or convention center because you had a bad experience a few years back? You ignoring that place because the service sucked? Take a look again...because chances are you don't know jack! Things change, for better or worse, they always do. Sometimes we just aren't paying attention.

I can't wait to go back to Wildwater Kingdom. How about you?
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