Friday, July 30, 2010

Stop the Eat-a-thon

Challenge: We all occasionally snack and overeat -- but when we engage in episodes of uncontrolled eating and sneak eating—whether it's chowing down an entire pizza or waiting till everyone's asleep before polishing off the ice cream—the extra POINTS® values and feelings of lost control can sabotage weight loss efforts in the short term and lead to abandoning goals in the long term.

Solution: In next week's meeting, we will discuss the dangers of uncontrolled eating episodes and sneak eating, explore the potential triggers, and begin developing a plan to shorten, stop, and ultimately prevent the unwanted behaviors. Having a plan to counteract the behaviors will empower you to take control of your eating and improve weight-loss success.

How can you use the Clicker and your 3 Month Journal as tools for building awareness of potential triggers, your emotions, and your body's hunger and satiety cues? The Clicker is $5 and the 3 Month Journal is $6.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Are You Snack Savvy?

CHALLENGE:  Managing hunger can be tough, but it's an important skill -- not just for weight loss, but also for long term maintenance. Snacking can be an effective strategy for staying ahead of hunger. The problem is that snacks can quickly be use up the daily POINTS target and weekly POINTS allowance. Even smart snackers become bored with their usual choices and therefore, are more vulnerable to temptation. 

SOLUTION: In next week's meeting, we will discuss strategies for savvy snacks that will help you stay satisfied between meals while also staying within the daily POINTS targets. Come and share ideas for snacks that can be:
  • Taken on the go;
  • Filling Foods and/or
  • Replaced with your Old Standbys (Twinkles anyone?)
Which snacks travel well? Weight Watchers Baked Snacks, including Ranch Multi-grain Crisps, make good, easy-to-pack, on-the-go options. $4.50 per box at all meeting locations.

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See you at the meeting,

Friday, July 9, 2010

Push Past Plateus

Challenge: Plateaus happen and can be incredibly frustrating. The challenge is to
manage the thoughts of frustration and stay on track.

Solution: In next week's meeting, you will come to understand that stalls in weight
loss are a natural part of the process and that there are powerful mental strategies
that can make it easier to persevere during those times.

How can using a 3 Month Journal help you acknowledge your weight related
accomplishments? Only $6 in the meeting rooms.

"Watch your thoughts for they become your words;
Watch your words for they become your actions."
—Frank Outlaw

See you at the meeting,


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