Saturday, June 12, 2010

Beyond the Basics: Making Tracking Work for You

THE CHALLENGE: Self-monitoring can make all the difference when it comes to weightloss
success. While the basics of self-monitoring (or tracking, as we call it) are
simple—record what you eat, the portion, and the POINTS® values—doing it right
and doing it consistently are not always so simple. You may have questions
about how to count certain foods and about the best ways to track. Misconceptions
about tracking may add to the confusion.

THE SOLUTION: In this week's meeting, you will explore opportunities to track more
accurately: You'll get answers to frequently asked questions about counting foods
and tracking, and hear from fellow members about the tracking strategies they've
developed over time.

When has the Complete Food Companion® been invaluable in helping you track POINTS values? How does that resource help you when you're trying to figure out the POINTS values of combination foods? Only $10 in the meeting rooms.

"If you bite it, write it.
If you snack it, track it.
If you nibble it, scribble it. 
If you drink it, ink it. 
Grab your pencil before your utensil!"
—Authors unknown

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