Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Putting the Meeting Industry in Perspective

Want to lose one million more jobs?

Just keep talking.

All Americans are angry at the recent revelations of bad judgment and excess by some corporate leaders - especially when the result is a taxpayer-funded clean up.

However, targeting business meetings and events is the wrong answer.

With their political rhetoric and shortsighted legislation, Congress is sending a message to TARP recipients and every other business that Congress doesn't want those meetings to happen. The results are predictable. Thousands of companies — not just TARP recipients — are cancelling their meetings out of fear.

For every meeting that is cancelled, jobs are lost — it's that simple — and it's happening all across the country. 1 out of every 8 jobs in this country is linked to travel and tourism – and those Americans will be even angrier if they lose their job because of political rhetoric.

The overwhelming majority of business meetings are not for senior executives — they are for top salespersons, high performing employees, valued customers, and business partners. Business is done and companies grow because of these meetings and events.

We've released a code of conduct for companies using taxpayer dollars. We encourage Congress and Treasury to embrace these standards — and stop the rhetoric. Visit our website for more details — www.meetingsmeanbusiness.com.


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