Saturday, February 7, 2009

Weekly Motivational Message and Happy Valentine's Day

Last Week we focuses on The Lowdown on Liquids.

What strategies are you using to add more liquids into your day?

How does drinking more liquids make you feel? Tell me about it.


This Week our topic is Advanced Skills, including SetPOINTS Values

The success of the Momentum plan comes from introducing more advanced and useful weight-loss skills as you go along. Come into the meeting and learn a new skill that can make it easier for you to eat away from home.


I know for Valentine's Day we usually focus on chocolate and flowers. Here are some other ways to say "I love you" without all the calories! For non-chocolate ways to say you care try:

A fruit basket

A three-month membership in a fruit-of-the-month club

A basket of gourmet salsas and marinades

A Weight Watchers cookbook 

A series of cooking classes

A few personal training sessions

A pre-paid gym membership

A pretty basket filled with scented candles and lotions

A gift certificate to treatments at a day spa or 

A weekend spa vacation.



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NO missed meeting fees!



See you at the meeting,


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"Cultivate Openess."

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