Saturday, December 13, 2008

Planning for Holiday Success -- Part 1

Good Morning All,


How do you all like the Momentum Plan?


Who chose Filling Foods this week? Which ones did you choose?


What did you discover in your Book 1: Start Eating Smarter?


What is best about the new Pocket Guide?


Next week we will focus on Planning for Holiday Success.


Are seasonal challenges and indulgences tempting you to give up on weight loss altogether until January? The Momentum plan can help insulate you from December setbacks with encouragement from the meetings and by moving more. The tips you will receive this week with the new Momentum plan books can help you keep motivated for weight loss throughout the holidays, while still enjoying the spirit of the season.

Cookbooks and the "Start Living, Start Losing" book are still 1/2 off until 1/3/09!


Remember to have your loved one email me if you want any WW items, including the 10 week pass for $109. I will gift wrap the items and then they need to meet me to pick up and pay for the items.


FREE registration and NO MISSED MEETING FEES start on 12/23/08!


Happy Holidays and I hope to see you this week,



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