Monday, December 8, 2008

Momentum has arrived!

Happy Holidays Everyone!
Weight Watchers new program, Momentum has arrived! Please come to a meeting this week to learn all about the NEW program! You will LOVE it.! It is simple! It is easy! It helps you keep everything in one place and BEST of get to preview it before everyone else joins us in 2009!
Remember too if your loved ones want to place an order with me, all they have to do is email me before Christmas and I will gift wrap your present and I will arrange a time for them to receive the item.
2009 Deluxe Kit is $39
2009 Basic Kit is $25
2009 Momentum Cookbook is $15
10 week savings plan is $109 (coupons good until 4/30/09)
Stocking Stuffers
2009 Journal is $6
2009 Dining Out Companion is $10
2009 Complete Food Companion is $10
Clearance Items
Start Living, Start Losing Book is now $6.50
Sizzle It Cookbook is now $5
Mix it, Match it Cookbook is now $10
See you at the meeting,

Weight Watchers Leader in Streetsboro, Aurora , Cuyahoga Falls , and Hudson since 2002

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