Saturday, August 9, 2008

Weight Watchers Motivational Message for the week of August 10th

Hi Everyone!
Last week we focused on the Olympics and how they are going to inspire us to exercise more.
Have you devised your exercise plan yet? Does it have fun in it?
What techniques are you going to use to learn to LOVE exercise? Tell me about it.
Next week our focus will be on Weight Watchers: Then and Now


We will learn all about the history of Weight Watchers and I will pose many questions about the TurnAround program to you. If you have questions, bring them to the meeting!


Our goal is to increase your confidence about Weight Watchers.


See you at the meeting!  Remember, FREE registration and no missed meeting fees start August 24th. Also, our baked snack and 2 POINTS bar sale is on until August 23rd.


Best Regards,



Weight Watchers Leader in Streetsboro, Aurora , Cuyahoga Falls , and Hudson since 2002

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