Saturday, April 19, 2008

WW Weekly Motivational Message

Last week we answered the age old question: Does Muscle weigh more than Fat? I think now you know the answer is NO! But we use that and other excuses to avoid exercise.
Did you recognize your exercise excuse last week and challenge it? How did you talk yourself out of the excuse and into moving more?
Next Week's Topic: Would you like Fries...I mean Fruit...with that?


We will introduce the importance of healthy foods to you and your loved ones, whether it be through overt or covert operations.


See you at the meeting,


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Friday, April 11, 2008

Weight Watchers Motivational Message

Hi Everyone!
Last week we focused on Part 3 of Eating Triggers, Trigger Environments. Hopefully, this week you are focused on Recognize, Remove, and Replace!
What are you discovering about yourself as a result of managing your environment? What did you remove and/or replace?
What needs to happen to make this habit?      Basketball Liam
This week's topic is "But Muscle Weighs More Than Fat!"
We will talk on the rationalization we use for not wanting to exercise. We will focus on getting rid of those excuses and discover new reasons to move more!
Have you looked at our Weight Watchers "move more" products? We now have a new DVD out called "Next Move" and it is for intermediate exercisers. We still have the moving mix. Either DVD sells for $15 and the Walking DVD and CD sells for $25.
See you at the meeting,

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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Weight Watchers Weekly Motivational Message and Challenge

Good Morning Everyone,


Last time, in "Weighs of Our Lives" we talked about Eating Triggers, Part 2: Trigger Feelings.


How did you practice Reframing to Manage Your Feelings?

How did you handle your emotional eating triggers this week?

What needs to happen for you to continue to use the strategies we discussed last week?


Remember in Reframing, we need to brainstorm as many non-food alternatives as we can and then agree to try at least 4 of the those alternatives when we want to turn to food for comfort or stress relief.


This week we are going to close out the trio combo, by focusing on Eating Triggers, Part 3: Trigger Environments.


We are going to help you identify and develop tactics to Manager Your Enviroments.


Remember, I have the "Attend and Stay" for your meeting challenge this month. If you attend and STAY for all 4 meetings in April, you receive a DVD, Magazine, and something special from me! Try to make time for the meeting; it's only 30 minutes!


See you at the meeting,



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