Friday, February 1, 2008

Weekly Motivational Message

Good Morning Members,
What is your "game plan" to manage your Super Bowl party? What about other social gatherings?
What parts of your previous social snacking behavior are you going to change?
Just like the Patriots and the Giants are going to have a game plan on Sunday, so do we! What are we wearing? What are we drinking? What are eating? How are these things going to help us toward our ultimate goal...being at XXX weight? Think FIRST and then eat, drink, and root on your favorite team!!
Next week's topic is My favorite thing to make for dinner...Reservations!


Eating out is one of the biggest challenges to weight loss, due to gigantic portions and limitless varieties of food. In this meeting you will learn about the strategies and support available from Weight Watchers to conquer this challenge.


See you at the meeting,


Weight Watchers Leader in Streetsboro, Aurora , Cuyahoga Falls , and Hudson since 2002

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