Saturday, January 26, 2008

New Year, New You Presentation

How to Incorporate Healthy Eating & Exercise into your day
New Year, New You
Presented by De-de Mulligan, CMP, CMM

 Develop 9 Healthy Eating Habits You Can Take Anywhere
 Understand Healthy Choices
 Work with the Chef or Wait Staff to Incorporate Lighter Fare
 Learn Why Exercise is Important to You
 Learn New and Interesting Exercises You can Squeeze into a Busy Day

Health Habit #1: Whole-Grain Foods
 Brown Rice, Whole Wheat Pasta, Whole Wheat Bread, Oatmeal, All Bran
 Packed with Nutrients, Including Fiber
 Provide Eating Satisfaction
 Look for Whole Wheat or Whole Grain as First Ingredient
 Good Items are:
• Oatmeal
• Whole-Wheat Bread
• Brown Rice
• Whole-Wheat Pasta
• Whole-Wheat Dinner Rolls

Healthy Habit #2: Vegetables
Vary your veggies
 Provide:
• Fiber
• Vitamins
• Minerals
 Fights Heart Disease, Stroke, and Cancer
 Make Part of All Meals when Possible
 Bulk up Pasta, Soups, and Casseroles with Vegetables
 Good Sources are:
• V-8 or Tomato Juice (Breakfast)
• Carrots and Celery (Snack)
• Salad Bar
• Steamed Vegetables

Healthy Habit #3: Fruits
Focus on fruits
 Provide:
• Fiber
• Vitamins
• Minerals
 Fights Heart Disease, Stroke, and Cancer
 Make a Part of Meals
 Good Sources are:
• Whole Fruits instead of Juices (Breakfast)
• Apples, Bananas (Snacks)
• Fruit Cup (Dessert)

Healthy Habit #4: Healthy Oils
 2 teaspoons per day
 Healthy Oils are:
• Olive
• Canola
• Sunflower
• Safflower
• Flaxseed
 Provides with Essential Fatty Acids and Vitamin E
 Use on Salads or in Cooking
 Ask Chef to:
• Place Oil and Vinegar on table for Salad Dressing
• Prepare meals with healthy oils (not too much!)

Healthy Habit #5: Milk
 Include 2 servings of milk products each day UNLESS
 You are over 50 or under 20, then you need 3 servings!
 Supplies your body with: calcium, protein, zinc,
riboflavin, and vitamin D
 Benefits:
• Strengthens Bones
• Protects against Colon Cancer
• Reduces Blood Pressure
 Look for 25% Calcium DV to constitute 1 Serving
 Good Choices are:
• Cottage Cheese and Yogurt
• Cheese (Snacks)
• Pudding (Dessert)
• Milk (Breakfast)

Healthy Habit #6: Protein
Go lean on protein
 Protein is found in: Lean Meat, Skinless Poultry, Fish, Egg Whites, Dried Beans, Soy Products, Nuts, and Milk.
 Protein Needed for You: Take Current Weight multiply (x) by .45 equals the number of grams of protein needed per day.
 Maintain Overall Health
 Increase Eating Satisfaction
 Check to determine cut of meat and poultry be skinless.
 Prepare some items with Egg Whites instead of Eggs OR cut down on eggs.
• Nuts (Snack)
• Have meats prepared baked, broiled, or grilled

Healthy Habit #7: Limit Added Sugar and Alcohol
Extras for luxury foods
 Empty Calories
 Provide Little Eating Satisfaction
 Limit: soft drinks, candy, cakes, cookies, pies, fruit drinks, and ice cream.
 Intake Alcohol in Moderation:
• One Alcoholic Drink Per Day for Woman
• Two Alcoholic Drinks Per Day for Men
 Choose:
• Bottled Water, Club Soda, and Seltzer Water (Snack)
• Diet Drinks (Snack)
• Fruit instead of cakes and pies (Dessert)

Healthy Habit #8: Water
 Drink Six 8 oz. glasses of water per day
 Three of the Six can be Caffeine-Free, Alcohol-Free Beverages
 Caffeine and Alcohol are Diuretics
 Water:
• Keeps Hunger at Bay
• Moves Nutrients through our System
• Allows Us to be Regular

Health Habit #9: Take a Multi Vitamin Mineral Supplement Each Day
 No More than 100% of Daily Value
 Avoid Supplements that Contain Excessive Amounts of Vitamins or Minerals
 Supplement Should be All-Inclusive
 Pack with you when you travel

Physical Activity: Strive for 60 minutes or more per day
 Promotes Weight Loss
 Keeps Weight Off
 Improves Overall Health
 Reduces Risk of Several Cancers
 Improves Mood
 Sit Less – Find Opportunities to Walk
 What Activities Do You Like Most?
 When can you CONSISTANTLY fit activities in?

Exercise Strategies
 Cardio or Aerobic Exercise
• 20 to 60 Minutes Each Session
• Three to Five Times Per Week
• Doesn’t need to be consecutive; 5 Minutes in Morning, 15 minutes in mid-afternoon
• Use Fitness Center and/or Pool
 Strength Training
• 20 to 45 Minutes Each Session
• Three Times Per Week
• Free Weights, Nautilus, or Resistance Bands (Pack)
 Flexibility
• 10 to 20 Minutes
• Two Times Per Week
• Yoga, Pilates, Stretching (In Room)

Exercises Demonstrations: on the Road or at the Office
 Chair Dips
 Desk Push-Ups
 Arm Curls
 Chair Squats
 Calf Raises
 Shoulder Shrugs
 Calf Stretch
 Quad Stretch
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